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Object-oriented Python training
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GC3 at the EGI Technical Forum 2011
Posted Tuesday evening, May 15th, 2012

More on topic...

At GC3, we do a lot of Python programming. As everyone knows, Python is whitespace-sensitive, as indentation is used to denote statement blocks, which contributes to the great readability of Python. However, whitespace is invisible by its very definition, so it's easy to mix TAB and space characters in a source file, which can mess up the file if you are using a non-default TAB length setting. In addition, git warns about trailing whitespace and other "whitespace errors".

So, how to enforce whitespace discipline?

It turns out that you do not need to, if you're using the Emacs editor.

Give visual distinction to troublesome whitespace

Minor mode whitespace-mode1 will make many whitespace features immediately visible:

screenshot of whitespace-mode on Emacs 23

  • whitespace characters at the end of a line is shown with red background color;
  • empty lines at the beginning or end of a buffer are shown in bright yellow;
  • normal whitespace is shown as a light grey dot (so you can easily count the number of spaces in a run);
  • a light grey $ is shown at the end of each line;
  • lines exceeding a certain (configurable) lenght are shown in a bright pink color on a black background.

I find it convenient to bind whitespace-mode to the F8 key:

    (global-set-key (kbd "<f8>")  #'whitespace-mode)

Clean up whitespace issues

The whitespace-cleanup command can cure most whitespace-related issues:


Cleanup some blank problems in all buffer or at region. [...]

The problems cleaned up are:

  1. empty lines at beginning of buffer.
  2. empty lines at end of buffer. If whitespace-style includes the value empty, remove all empty lines at beginning and/or end of buffer.

  3. 8 or more SPACEs at beginning of line. [...]

  4. SPACEs before TAB. [...]

  5. SPACEs or TABs at end of line. [...] If whitespace-style includes the value trailing, remove all SPACEs or TABs at end of line.

  6. 8 or more SPACEs after TAB. [...]

See whitespace-style',indent-tabs-mode' and `tab-width' for documentation.

Features dealing with SPACE and TAB mixup actually do the right thing based on the setting of indent-tabs-mode: if it's nil, TABs are always converted to SPACEs, otherwise 8 or more SPACEs are converted to TABs.

Automatically cleanup whitespace issues

I find it convenient to run the whitespace-cleanup function automatically when saving a file. This is easy: Emacs runs the hook write-contents-functions just before saving a file, so one only needs to add whitespace-cleanup to that. However, according to the documentation write-contents-functions "automatically becomes buffer-local when set in any fashion", so it cannot be set globally.

The trick is to use another hook to set write-contents-functions; the mode setup hooks work fine here, and allow us to just turn on whitespace cleanup feature only for certain modes (e.g., on for Python, but off for Makefiles).

Another problem, however, is that whitespace-cleanup sets the "buffer modified" flag even unconditionally (even if it really has to do no cleanup), and the Emacs save procedure aborts if the buffer is modified by any of the write-contents-functions. So we must define a wrapper that resets the "buffer modified" flag after running whitespace-cleanup to what it was before running the whitespace cleanup.

Wrapping up, all this is accomplished with the following Emacs Lisp code in your ~/.emacs file:

  1. Define a variant of whitespace-cleanup that resets the "buffer modified" flag to its prior state:

    (defun whitespace-cleanup* ()
      (let* ((modified-before-p (buffer-modified-p)))
        (if (not modified-before-p)
  2. Define a function to append whitespace-cleanup to write-contents-functions:

    (defun whitespace-cleanup-on-save ()
      (add-hook 'write-contents-hooks #'whitespace-cleanup*))
  3. Then add it to the setup hooks of the major modes of your choice:

    (add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook   #'whitespace-cleanup-on-save)
    (add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook #'whitespace-cleanup-on-save)
    (add-hook 'python-mode-hook     #'whitespace-cleanup-on-save)
    (add-hook 'sh-mode-hook         #'whitespace-cleanup-on-save)
    (add-hook 'text-mode-hook       #'whitespace-cleanup-on-save)

Further reading


  1. Bundled with GNU Emacs since version 23; available for download from EmacsWiki for Emacs version 21 onwards. ↩