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How to edit web pages and data files

This site is powered by the Wiki engine IkiWiki: only authorized users can edit/add a web page pages.

How to log in (username and password)

At the beginning of any editing operation, you will be asked for a username+password pair: you should give the same username and password that you use to log in to the ocikbapps machine. If you do not have an account on ocikbapps, or you have troubles logging in, please send an email to kbadmin@oci.uzh.ch.

How to edit existing pages

To edit an existing web page, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Edit link (top left of page) on the web page.

  2. You will be asked for username+password, if you had not edited any page before. If you insert the wrong username or password, an "Authorization required" error page will be displayed: you should go back to step 1. and try again (with the correct username+password).

  3. A new page will be displayed, allowing you to edit the page text. Click on the FormattingHelp link (bottom right of page) to get help on the markup syntax used for writing IkiWiki pages.

If you want to practice or experiment with the Wiki text formatting, please use the SandBox page: it is there just for this purpose.

You might want to familiarize yourself with Ikiwiki directives as they can be used to control page generation.

How to add new web pages

In order not to have stray pages in this site, it is best to follow this procedure when adding new pages:

  1. Find a suitable page where to add a link to your new page.
  2. Edit the linking page: a link to your new page can be added anywhere in the text; if your page is named MyNewPage, then just write [[MyNewPage]] anywhere in the text.
  3. Save and reload the linking page, a link to your new page should be there, preceded by a question mark "?"
  4. Click on the question mark "?", this will take you to a form where the text of the new page can be entered. Click on the FormattingHelp link to get help on the markup language used in this Wiki.

How to tag pages

Use the Ikiwiki directive ?tag; you can use any number of tags, separated by spaces:

        [[!tag edit howto]]

A tag is a single word: no spaces are allowed.

IkiWiki will automatically generate a list of all pages with a given tag; the list of tags is always displayed in a side box on the page, so you can navigate to other pages with the same tag. (In other words, a tag is a kind of "topic name".)

IkiWiki's directive ?inline can be used to generate lists or mashups of pages matching a certain pattern (called a pagespec in IkiWiki's language), including all pages tagged with a certain word.

See tags for a list of tags in use on this site.

How to set the page title

Use IkiWiki's ?meta directive, with a title="..." argument. For example, the front page begins with:

    [[!meta title="GC3: Grid Computing Competence Center"]]

If you do not use the meta title="..." directive, IkiWiki will use the file name as page title.

Using HTML in IkiWiki

A page can consist of an HTML snippet: IkiWiki will place it in the <body> section of the page template. If it consists of a whole HTML file, only its body will be kept: anything else is replaced with IkiWiki's page template.

It is possible to embed HTML snippets into ?Markdown pages; note however that Markdown processing is turned off in HTML snippets, so you cannot mix Markdown and HTML formatting in an HTML snippet.

Off-line editing of web pages and other data

You can download the whole website content to your computer, make changes, and then push these changes to the online site. Instructions to do so are provided on a separate page.

Note that offline editing gives you more possibilities, such as adding HTML pages (instead of the default Markdown text), or easier control over page attachments.

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More resources on the topic of editing Wiki pages is available elsewhere on this site.

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