GC3: Grid Computing Competence Center

Recent changes to this wiki:

Update Sergio's phone number on old gc3 page
Update Riccardo's email on old gc3 page
Try harder to be compliant with UZH CD guidelines and HTML templates.
Correct fixed-height in `uzh.css` footer line.
Now the entire multi-line footer should be visible
on the white background.
Redirect `/edu/python-june` to the corresponding link on the S3IT website.
Add bold notice "GC3 graduated into S3IT" to all relevant pages.
Add message to all pages with HTML `meta refresh` redirects.
Just in case someone has disabled the `meta refresh` mechanism
in their browser, they still would get a clickable link and
an explanation.
updated PO files
Announce transition GC3 -> S3IT on the front page.
Move the June 2014 Python course into the S3IT web space.